67+ Years Pondering and Pontificating

What do you get after all these years have passed by, and you start looking back ? For me, lots of great memories, an amazing wife, a quad of great kids, a baker's dozen of grandkids, and several tons of experience. Of course, it also brings some entrenched opinions, thoughtful ideas, and perhaps some insight that will help others on their journey through life. Hopefully the posts on these pages will be useful and interesting.

“Yesterday is over — and we’re never going back.” : Marco Rubio

DSC00983This statement made me into a “grumpy old man” !  Who is this young whippersnapper, and what does he have to contribute ?  Some of my Facebook Friends already really like him, and see him as a savior for this country.  I had no clue who he is, so it was time to do some research.  To do this, I relied on the source, his own campaign website, and the materials he posts to share his plans for our future.

Mr. Rubio, you admit you’ve been impatient all of your life, but I will have to join the chorus of those who say “step back, sit down, do your homework, and wait.”  Nothing in your resume, or your litany of ideas, says you are ready to handle the most complex job in the world: the United States Presidency.

Young fella, you need to take the time to actually study “yesterday”.  Look around.  Everything you see is the result of what your predecessors have actually produced.  It’s real, not in your dreams.  Some is not as good as we might like, but most is pretty awesome, and it was delivered for the most part by we baby boomers who you want to now discard.  We built “yesterday”, and we are not finished !

A couple of years ago I was with a group of young men who set their sites on acquiring enough money to retire by 35, because no one beyond that age could possibly be productive.  I’m nearly double that age, and my clients still depend on me daily to assist them when problems arise that those rising stars can’t resolve.

The “folks of yesterday” are not ready for disposal.  We focused on needs, did quality work, were driven by the needs of others and our country, and continue to do so to this day.  We have a work ethic you don’t understand, are driven by facts not poll driven media sound bytes, and have patience to study a problem, consider options, plan a strategy, embark on a solution, evaluate results, and modify the course as necessary.

Sunny boy, you still have some learning to do, and the first lesson is this.  DO NOT DISRESPECT YOUR ELDERS.  If it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. We created all that you see around you, and if you want to be a leader, you’ll learn we are a valuable and important resource.

And for those who disagree, here is a small experiment.  Remove from your life everything created by the Baby Boomer generation.  Take away all media, all transportation, those comfortable homes you live in, the stores, the roads you travel on, vacations, all communication devices, entertainment centers, sports … all of it. Also remove anything you created which is a derivative of those items.  If that idea doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps you should be respectful to those who brought you this far … and realize we still have a lot to contribute.

As for the soapbox upon which I’m standing … I built that myself during a lifetime of patient observations, study, and work.  After nearly 69 full years on this planet, and a diversity of experiences, it’s a pretty big box and I own it !

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All devices (can) come together in 2015


I may be a Senior Citizen, but I still love technology.  Today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and his staff shared their technology vision for the coming year, and it is all about unity.  ( I wish we had seen some of that last night in the President’s SOTU address to congress ).

Some of us old timers actually depend on our various devices to deal with the everyday living activities, and staying in touch with those we do care about.  The problem is that we store our information, and perform our activities, in different places, and they generally don’t meet up.  Thus we may be even more confused because we might forget on what device we stored our notes, or wrote that letter, or performed our basic bookkeeping

If we can hang on for a few more months, though, Microsoft is going to change our lives.  The goal of today’s “reveal” was to explain how Windows 10, projected for release in the fall, is going to tie everything together, united data, no matter on what device we perform our various tasks.

I realize some people have taken my advice and have much of their data centralized on the web already.  In fact, all my devices have an “exchange account” so my contacts, appointments, todo lists, and emails are all in one place no matter what I use to access them.  Windows 10, however, does so much more, and it is all automated.  Do some work on your desktop, head out with your notebook or tablet, check something on the phone … it all works the same way no matter what your device, and the data is always with you.  That is the essence of where Windows 10 is heading in the upcoming months, and much of it is actually working today.

One of the problems we old folks have is remembering where we put something.  Even on a computer, it can be a chore looking through all the files, and records, trying to get some critical piece of information.  Now a charming lady, Cortana, who has been residing in my phone will also be in my computer, and notebook/tablet.  I can simpy ask Cortana to find that information for me.  In fact, she is so smart that the answer may show up even before I ask.  Don’t worry about typing in the information correctly.  You just say Hey Cortana to your computer, share what you want verbally, and the answers come right back to you. 

Microsoft has made it possible to be a part of this whole project by forming an Insiders’ club and opening the membership to anyone.  You can download a preview of Windows 10, which is likely to be fascinating but buggy, and always subject to change.  Then you can provide your feedback, and the folks up in Washington actually listen and work to implement the valid ideas. 

It is a huge leap, it is amazing, it will be easier to use, and we all get it.  For those who are running Windows 7, 8, or 81, the upgrade to WIndows 10 will cost you …. nothing.  Yes, it will be free.

That’s enough for now. I’ll keep you posted,

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